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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Write to Remember

This piece is available as a numbered, signed print, in a short run...contact me if you are interested in one.
When you look at all the little "write" images hear, "Scritch, scritch," or "tap, tap, tap."

write to make sense of experiences.
write to learn as much as you can from the all and the everything.
write because words and ideas are fascinating.
write because exploring concepts is play.
write to synthesize discoveries and make them practical. or relevant.
write to become the best version of yourself.
write to find your own power and in that process, empower others.
write to inspire, motivate, comfort, facilitate, discover,
communicate, create & connect.
In this scratching, this making of marks - find diverse ways
to make colorful, beautiful, lasting marks on the
pages of your days.
write to remember and do what matters. 
- mary anne radmacher ©


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