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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Learn When Others Learn

I built a new web site.  I'm going to start using google hang out.  I'm pretending it's all easy (and some of it really is). I signed up as an amazon affiliate.  What?  It only took me ten years?  Well....now. Some things just take time. My cheerleading friend, Caren, was was watching all this as I narrated my learning curve - in public. Out loud. Typos and all.  Here's what she said she learned....

SIMPLY BEGIN - by guest blogger, Caren Albers

Here’s my lesson…don’t wait till it’s perfect. Put it out there now. Keep working, hone the message, correct the typos (we all make them), change directions, learn new tricks, but whatever you do get off the sidelines. No points are ever scored from there.

Entering the game is monumentally more important than being perfect at it but too often we refuse to play. Too often we hold ourselves hostage to a standard of perfection so high that it smoothers our creativity sucking all the oxygen out of our ideas.

Most of us want to create our rainbow but fear picking up the brush because we think we might not be good enough, talented enough, or we might make a mistake and be criticized. 

Creating and innovating inherently contains elements of uncertainty. If you don’t wonder once or twice “what the heck am I doing?” You probably aren’t sticking your neck out far enough.

What if we threw out the old playbook, chucked the impossible standards, and parted company with the insane notion that we have to “know” how something will end before we can begin and simply just began?

What if we took a step back and gently blew on the smoldering embers of our ideas encouraging what wanted to ignite?

What if our highest standard was showing up and doing our best?

If we did that, I believe we’d all SCORE big time!

Caren Albers is a creatrix, writer, blogger, phraseologist/writing guide offering Radmacher Focus Phrase™ eCourses, dream devotee, joy junkie, recovered self-doubter and serial hugger always Caren4u carenalbersinspirations.com

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