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Monday, August 9, 2010

Spreadsheets, Crochet Hooks and Change

Change, of any sort, requires courage. (at maryanneradmacher.com on poster 01018)

Last week I didn’t know how to manage an excel spread sheet, let alone create one. Last week I didn’t know how to crochet. Thoughout my life you wouldn’t have been able to count the times I had been heard to say, “I can’t make that information available on an Excel Spreadsheet. I’m not familiar with the program.” OR – “I’d love to crochet, but I don’t know how.”

I’ve bumped myself from confusion to courage with this simple question, “What if we just acted like every thing was easy?”

Last week I had the courage to launch into a program that has intimidated me for years. And one step at a time, I learned what I needed to know. Really? Am I saying that took courage? You bet…courage AND a bunch of focused, dedicated hours. Learning to crochet means abandoning my preference for perfection for awhile. I’m learning on a lumpy, bumpy lap blanket. And when I’m done I will NOT rip it out…but I will keep it as a warm reminder of the courage required to change my vocabulary, patterns, stories, and practices.

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