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One way to get to know a person you've just met is to ask them to tell you about their favorite friends. It's said that a person essentially becomes an aggregate of the five people with whom they spend the most time.

There's another telling question to ask a stranger. It's all about a book.

1) Is there one book that you have re-read and will read again (and again)?
2) What is the most recent book that you've read and what stands out to you most?
3) What is the title of a book you recommend most often to friends?
4) What was the last book you read that made you so sad when it came to the end? (Because you wanted to keep on reading, not because the ending was sad!).

If the person you are just getting to know has never re-read a book, can't remember what stood out from the last book they read, doesn't recommend books to friends and has never felt sad to stop reading an excellent book...

I suggest that you stop conversing with them. And, perhaps, run. Kidding (not kidding). Perhaps you might consider striking up a conversation with someone else that you might want to get to know. AND start THAT conversation off by recommending a book you've recently read...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

WHAT is mary anne doing these days?

The spaces between imagination and common sense are the most amazing and entertaining. - mary anne radmacher

My author site is ready for you to consider:

There will you find that I am enrolling an exciting life management process called, LIFE a la CARTE. You will be able to explore various pages that feature fresh content weekly.

I associate with THREE different and amazing “PHRASEOLOGISTS” that offer a wide range of writing opportunities. You’ll discover them on my site.

I continue the exciting radio conversation with the stout of heart and enthusiastic Steve Maraboli, of Empowered Living Radio - Radmacher archive. You can listen to our interviews on his web site or download for free from ITunes. Our next conversation is August 12 at noon, Eastern Time. He does good all around the world – please participate in his community.

My good friend, Deanna Davis is celebrating her latest book, LAUGH, CRY, EAT SOME PIE. I endorse it heartily and encourage you to get a copy. I get to teach with Deanna each year and it’s not too early to consider next year’s wonderful WOMANHOOD WEEK END based in the Seattle, Washington area, May 20 -22. Write me for more information.

• My latest books? The Perfect Gift to send that new college student off to school? PROMISES TO MYSELF Or, if you find that you keep putting yourself and your own best practices last on your list, it would be excellent for you to read.

I wrote the story of how the poem, COURAGE DOES NOT ALWAYS ROAR, came to be written in the introduction of an inspiring anthology of the same name. You can order it from my friends at if you need something to encourage yourself in challenge or to uplift a friend. And the colorful version of that time-honored poem is available at the signature store at

Share this bit of news with friends of yours? - You have my permission!

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