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Friday, July 23, 2010


On Page 55, leading the chapter on HONOR in this instructive book, SIMPLY AN INSPIRED LIFE, coauthored with Jonathan Lockwood Huie, I remind myself to...

“Honor yourself with lovingly courageous actions chosen intentionally.”

Indeed. It’s Friday. Friday of a full week of diverse activities. If if was given to sports metaphors, I’d say this feels a lot like one of my first lessons in basketball. As long as one foot stays in place I can pivot around and view the court all i want. But as soon as I choose to move that grounded foot, I’ve declared my intention to move, dribble or shoot. If I recall the rules correctly, if I stay there TOO LONG, I can be called for “holding.”

Okay, Friday! I’ve pivoted and looked at the court (of course, the demands and choices in my day). And now -- it’s just you and me. I’m moving and i am getting ready for a basket shot. Swish. Nothin’ but net. And so it will go throughout the day. I’m choOsing my actions, with love, with as much courage as I can call in the day and it is all wrapped in my intention.

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