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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Choose From Three New Writing Processes...

Writing Opportunities Celebrated by Mary Anne Radmacher beginning in June, 2010.

Focus Phrase™ is a process created by mary anne radmacher which promotes discovery, personal insight, greater observation and daily writing practice. mary anne uses the Focus Phrase process to maintain her own writing practice, connect to promises she makes to herself and to create breakthroughs in innovation and problem solving. She has selected three talented and creative individuals to present this process to the world, along with her.

Each participant who registers with one of Mary Anne’s Phraseologists in advance of May 29, will receive as part of the cost of the Focus Phrase process, a selected phrase from one of your writings rendered in Mary Anne’s familiar script and unique artful style. (This is generally a minimum cost of $78. This is an incredible offer – one that will not be duplicated.) Those who register after May 29 may enjoy this opportunity at the cost of $78. Originals will be delivered by July 19.

DISCOVER YOUR VOICE – A Writer’s Journey.

Guided by Ellen Lambert – EllenOutLoud.com

I believe everyone has a voice -- some are easier to hear than others, and probably, yours is trying to tell you something!. You are invited to uncover, discover, and recover your own voice -- its rhythm, cadence, and message. As you write in response to a series of daily prompts, that distinct, unique, and authentic voice will emerge. This journey, styled after the RADMACHER FOCUS PHRASE™ system offers a process of disciplined daily effort supported with frequent, individualized feedback. In this crazy, noisy world we live in, don't you owe it to yourself to turn down the outside din and raise your own volume? Here's your chance to explore and express yourself. Come with me and let's discover how you can live out loud!

The course will begin June 7th and run Monday through Friday three consecutive weeks. $129.00

To register, visit her website at: www.ellenoutloud.com or email ellenoutloud@yahoo.com


Guided by Caren Albers - carenalbersinspirations.com

Are you ready to take the next BIG step toward living your dream? Take “A JOURNEY OF WORDS” with me to discover the wisdom of our own words.

We create our WORLD with our WORDS. Our thoughts become things. When we tell ourselves we can, we can and when we tell ourselves we can’t, well you know how that goes. The words we use every day get strung together and become the fabric of the stories of our lives. Want to understand yourself better and find more meaning and direction in your life? Want your life’s journey to be a beautiful tapestry worthy of you? Join Caren4u in an online writing experience focusing on the wisdom of our own words.

A JOURNEY OF WORDS begins June 7th and concludes June 25th. $129 covers three consecutive weeks of writing Monday – Friday. Ready to enroll? To register reply to caren4u@comcast.net. Want a shorter class? A JOG OF WORDS is $40 and includes a one week preview that introduces you to the Radmacher Focus Phrase™ writing process. At the end of the week, you can choose to continue on or enjoy having participated in the shorter class. Read what some participants have to share about the process at carenalbersinspirations.com.

Wear The WORD – A Journey of Prayer and Spirit

Guided by Beverly Kipp http://beverlykipp.blogspot.com

Study. Time in the Word. Tending your heart in matters of Spirit. Choosing that One True Thing. Have you recently expressed a longing for a more dynamic and engaging interaction with your reading/study of Scriptures? The foundations of the popular RADMACHER FOCUS PHRASE™ have their roots in Mary Anne’s search of the Scriptures for their deepest application in daily life. That process has expanded into every arena of learning in her experiences. Beverly offer syou this guided process, on line, that may transform the way you WEAR THE WORD in your world. This is an intensely personal process and it is not “canned” content. In addition to the daily phrases, and general instruction, support and encouragement, you will receive personalized feedback several times each week. Wear The WORD will draw on Scripture from Philippians, Luke, Jeremiah, Colossians and Isaiah.

The process will begin June 15 and will be a daily experience through July 2. $129 for three consecutive weeks; $99 for two weeks.

Register Directly with Beverly at: bkipp@frontiernet.net

Mary Anne Radmacher is guiding personalized processes with individual clients through August. Inquire directly: mailto:maryanneradmacher@yahoo.com?subject=Inquiry Regarding Personalized Writing Processes