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One way to get to know a person you've just met is to ask them to tell you about their favorite friends. It's said that a person essentially becomes an aggregate of the five people with whom they spend the most time.

There's another telling question to ask a stranger. It's all about a book.

1) Is there one book that you have re-read and will read again (and again)?
2) What is the most recent book that you've read and what stands out to you most?
3) What is the title of a book you recommend most often to friends?
4) What was the last book you read that made you so sad when it came to the end? (Because you wanted to keep on reading, not because the ending was sad!).

If the person you are just getting to know has never re-read a book, can't remember what stood out from the last book they read, doesn't recommend books to friends and has never felt sad to stop reading an excellent book...

I suggest that you stop conversing with them. And, perhaps, run. Kidding (not kidding). Perhaps you might consider striking up a conversation with someone else that you might want to get to know. AND start THAT conversation off by recommending a book you've recently read...

Friday, December 4, 2009


friday, December 4.

events of consequence swirled around my brain this morning as i leaned into the brightening dawn. my friend in colorado who is in chemo and great pain. my friend in san francisco, hospitalized for an as yet, unexplained, painful growth which was removed. news of renewed attacks against the citizenship of our president.

i focus my day, each morning, with reading and writing. in her book, 365 EXCUSE ME – DAILY INSPIRATIONS TO EMPOWER AND INSPIRE, mina parker challenged me to express appreciation to myself for one of my qualities for 31 consecutive days.

that got me thinking about PROMISES TO MYSELF. it’s my next book and it will be walking into the world in the second week of January, 2010.

the holiday season. this has been in my experience and many of you have told me it’s yours, too – too much, too many, too often. events, mail, presents, food, parties, cards, shopping, cooking, cookies! and on the list goes. connection to our promises, the ones we make to ourselves, can get lost in the press of “so many things.”

THE MOST IMPORTANT PROMISES ARE THE ONES WE MAKE TO OURSELVES. the promises we makes to ourselves are the things that assure us we have the capacity to keep our promises to others. i will be explore my promises in a very public way, every day. if you would like to share in the process by reading, great. if you would like to participate by identifying a promise to yourself each day, marvelous. would you like to inspire others by sharing your promise? perhaps your words and experience would resonate with another reader. i invite you to be forthcoming, bold and state your promise to a larger world. i see that it helps validate and endorse your experience.

tomorrow is the first day of my very FIRST holiday art festival in my career. beginning monday morning, i will share the promise to myself that speaks to my in my morning practice. I will carry that promise with me into the day and see what it has to teach me. i will do that every day until my book is released in january. please, please! join in the process in whatever way contributes to your greater health and ease in an exciting and demanding holiday season.

blessings - mary anne radmacher

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Christine Darling said...

Can't wait to see your new book, Mary Anne. Have fun at the festival. I've heard great things from artists who have attended similar events. xo