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One way to get to know a person you've just met is to ask them to tell you about their favorite friends. It's said that a person essentially becomes an aggregate of the five people with whom they spend the most time.

There's another telling question to ask a stranger. It's all about a book.

1) Is there one book that you have re-read and will read again (and again)?
2) What is the most recent book that you've read and what stands out to you most?
3) What is the title of a book you recommend most often to friends?
4) What was the last book you read that made you so sad when it came to the end? (Because you wanted to keep on reading, not because the ending was sad!).

If the person you are just getting to know has never re-read a book, can't remember what stood out from the last book they read, doesn't recommend books to friends and has never felt sad to stop reading an excellent book...

I suggest that you stop conversing with them. And, perhaps, run. Kidding (not kidding). Perhaps you might consider striking up a conversation with someone else that you might want to get to know. AND start THAT conversation off by recommending a book you've recently read...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

december composition book

Each month I am creating a personal composition book. The project has been delightful and inspiring to me. As an author and artist, I am often called to create for a larger community. And, while I am showing this piece to you, I have created it especially for me!

In this very busy season I want to encourage you to do two things. Take time to create something special for yourself. It's indeed the season of giving. I suggest beginning with you! The second thing? Expand your creativity to those you love. Even if you are inclined to think you are not that "creative," you might consider lending a little bit of time toward something hand created. An appreciation note, hand scribed with ink on nice paper is a real treasure in these days of quick email! That would be creating a treasure.

Please enjoy these coming days of festivities in all the best ways you can imagine.

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