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Monday, October 19, 2009

mundane? magic? or magic in the mundane?

find the magic in the mundane (phrase by newly authorized "phraseologist," ellen lambert)

where is the mundane in this day?. good bye to my employee of 12 years ago who came and stayed and had to leave a day early because her little toddler was flu-sick. breakfast club with dear friends at a restaurant down the street where we meet every sunday. the meal always completes with a visit to barbara’s car where her two dogs cover me in dog love and i give great scratches. home for catching up and reading and writing and sunday afternoon napping.

healthy food preparation. the dishes are placed. I love my husband and inquire after his health and solicit his opinions and touch his sternum in the way that tells him he’s hot. i take a hot epson salt bath and pour in lavender oil. i do a variety of things to address this pending sinus condition. i nap again. in none of these actions did I wish I was doing the next thing, nor was i in a hurry, or disengaged or bored.

as I looked at these things while they were happening and in retrospect i couldn’t see either the magic or the mundane. I considered pulling a rabbit out of my hat, so to speak and write what I knew I could fabricate about this. say what OUGHT to be true about finding magic in the mundane. but. i won’t use this process that way. i know for sure that for many years preparing tax information felt mundane. but this last time I changed that. the last tax prep bordered more on magic than mundane. as I was puzzling over this absence of mundane-ness, I got a message from a girl tonight. a woman. the adult (child) of my oldest friend. she said, “I have a very vivid memory of sitting on the floor in your apartment ( I think in Portland) and you served me toasted bagels with cream cheese. It was the first time I ever had bagels and it was so exciting. A small simple thing, but I remember how magical you made it and how fun it was discovering something new with someone who seemed as delighted about it as I was.” so there it is. i accept this as something that is true for me. the magic that I have found today is that i have virtually nothing that is mundane in my life. i am delighted by the things in my life that might appear mundane, and THAT is the magic.

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