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Saturday, October 17, 2009

miracle or masterpiece?

when love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.

-john ruskin – a phrase from ellen lambert, new phraseologist...


yes. i know john ruskin said masterpiece. was it ellen or caren teasing me about people changing one word of a quote that did it? i don’t know. i drew the card. i wrote the phrase down, verbatim, twice and repeated it to myself as I fell into a migraine accompanied sleep.

miracles occurred in my sleep. along the waterline on the beach, in my running clothes with a sweat band on. i launched a huge, unconventional product line. i started my own company. from my small voice – i made a song that reverberated – with vibrato! – around the world. a collage of possibilities – miracles – unfolded in my dreaming window.

i wakened with a slightly different phrase, miracles occur when love and skill combine. as I reflected on my night time dreams i realized it was not a window into the may be of potential but the has been of realized action. is it true? is it possible? in the road with all the difficulty, challenges, broken hearted times and dropped off the shelf disappointments - my life to this point has been a miracle? is a miracle? a glance over my shoulder sees love pairing up with skill at almost every turn. Ruskin didn’t say “love and…” education, or certification or awards. he said skill. and note, radmacher didn’t say, “masterpiece,” she said,


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