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Monday, October 5, 2009

Holidaze Focus Phrase©

holidaze focus phrase with mary anne radmacher©

What is Focus Phrase with mary anne radmacher©?

Daily you take a specific phrase into your day, ponder it, look at the events of your day through it. After focusing and reflecting, you write a maximum of three paragraphs. Your work is considered daily. mary anne responds to your writing approximately eight times in the course of the process. The primary emphasis in this experience is taking the phrase into your day's activities and then writing your observations. The writing is an essential but supportive part. The observations lean toward content, not style. Meaning this is a way of seeing the events of your life in a different perspective more than it is a writing exercise. This is an exciting process for people who want to be more intentional about their days, explore new ways to learn from the ordinary experiences of their lives and introduce a consistent writing practice.


Explore and connect with the spirit of your home, holiday traditions and identify your truest joys contained within the usually hectic and overwhelming chaotic season. If last year you uttered, “never again,” to the crazed and demanding schedule, let mary anne help you keep that promise to yourself. If the holiday season is already your favorite time of the year this is an opportunity to enhance the delight.

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