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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Being willing to see the divine in everyone changed my day.

Willingness is a spiritual engraved invitation – to receive the very thing we are willing and receptive to.

It is rightly said that we see what we are looking for. In my heightened awareness of the divine in others, not only did I see it in all places I looked but I am clear that my own divine nature was more visible. All things were equal today – in that I wore nothing new, hadn’t changed my hair and wasn’t driving a fancy car. Wanting to see the finest in others lifted back the curtains: what a show! Driving courtesies, unexpected smiles in every aisle of the grocery store, meaningful conversations between strangers and unanticipated generosities toward my specific program of service. I issued the invitation by my willingness to see the divine in all – and every guest responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes.”

It’s an equation that calls to mind the unicorn saying to Alice, in Wonderland, “I’ll believe in you if you’ll believe in me.”

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